CONEformation: A Measuring Set
By Maddalena Gioglio, Egle Tuleikyte

CONEformation is a set of measuring cones for cooking, designed for mixing ingredients and serving food. The organic shapes of the cones are an unexpected yet a practical addition to the task of measuring for recipes in the kitchen.

Recipes require a number of ingredients that are added at precise quantities to achieve the desired culinary result. Salt, herbs and spices are key ingredients that add flavour to a dish, and therefore they should be easily accessible throughout the cooking process.

The product is a collection of six ceramic cones that are sized to correspond to customary volumes noted in most cooking recipes. The set of six cones are arranged on a support frame that can be placed inside a typical kitchen drawer or inserted to an existing shelf.

CONEformation is made by repurposing typical measuring funnels used to pour required quantity of granulated material into six precise mounds. The mounds are formed by salt for this product, originally inspired by the colourful display mounds of spices in street markets. The salt mounds are hardened by spraying water and then covered by pouring layer of liquid ceramic. When the salt casting agent is removed, a unique and organic ceramic set of vessels is formed.

The product captures many activities related to the cooking process, such as the measuring, storage and display of food. Moreover, the use of edible materials as a casting agent introduces an organic aesthetic to the kitchen environment.