EXTRUDOUGH: Biodegradable Tableware
By Bo Baalman, Kine Solberg

Extrudough is a collection of biodegradable tableware fabricated using an altered meat grinder that operates as an analogue, human powered 3D printer. The product line consists of biodegradable containers, each with a unique pattern, colour and density.

Unlike similar industrial produced products, Extrudough is homemade using basic kitchen cooking ingredients, such as flour, salt and water, which are mixed into easily malleable dough. Due to its material composition, this tableware is inexpensive to fabricate and is expected to have a shorter decomposing time than other temporary tableware, such as the traditional paper pulp.

Customising a standard kitchen meat grinder makes the product. The homemade dough is then extruded by hand onto various shaped moulds, and then dried at room temperature. The pattern, colour and density of each piece can be customised by changing three variables: the movement of the mould during the extruding process, the addition of food colouring, and the number of extruded layers.

The results of the analogue 3D printing can also vary in type and thickness by replacing the grinder plates with the uniquely designed extrusion heads. In addition, aromas, such as vanilla, can be included in the dough to give the set of tableware an appetising scent.