By Ilias Markolefas, Nathalia Martinez Saavedra

FLIP FOOD is a lunch box designed to store and carry food in a playful way. It is a self-standing rotating object with six compartments to store different types of food in each section. Inspired by the classic brown paper bag used by many to carry lunch to work or school, FLIP FOOD addresses one’s need to have homemade and portable food while on the go.

The design of the lunch box reinterprets the brown paper bag into a more structural, geometric and interactive shape. The individual compartments separate the food and contain the considered amount of food normally recommended to keep a balanced diet. To address the occasional need for ‘cooked food’ one might want to pack for lunch, reusable plastic and protective containers are designed and can be inserted into the compartments.

The investigation for the project focused on typical kitchen appliances used for cutting, specifically the alteration of the cutting board, pizza cutter and cookie stamp. Various stencils were explored and designed to cut, emboss, stamp and transform a brown paper surface into a 2D template. This 2D template is then folded and assembled to form the dynamic 3D paper lunchbox.

FLIP FOOD encourages the user to turn, play and even wear the container around the wrist. Depending on its rotation, the printed patterns help indicate the type of food you are about to store and consume. Using paper as the main material makes it a semi-disposable and recyclable product. After several uses, the object can be thrown away and a new one can easily be created.