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30-01-2009 -  Jan Landsaat

Programme 31 january-01 february

Tanja Kross; klassieke muziek voor iedereen: Martijn Stoppels

Tanja Kross, a successful mezzo-soprano shares her passion for the classical music.
16 min

Grafiet-Eva Winkel

An artist gets tangled in a conflict between the line and paper.
4 min

In character-Aaike Stuart & Boris van Hoof

When does the documentary become a feature film? “In Character” shows a man, who looks for his own role in the scrips of the daily life. Shot in Berlin, Rotterdam and Bratislava.
23 min

Polariod-Just Boon

A short film about the lost friendship between two housemates.
9 min

Dagen van gras dagen van stro-Just Boon

A political video clip for the Dutch band “Spinvis”.
4 min

Untitled-Jeroen Houben
7 min

30-01-2009 -  Jan Landsaat

Programme 29-30 january


Rain-Jonathan Kuijs


“Rain” is a short animation film about a lonely guy trying to find contact with other people. But it’s not quite easy task, especially because he has a rain cloud stuck above his head.

5 min


Best in Town-Ed Cook


The hot dog stand “Baejarins bestu” takes the 2nd place in Guardian top 5 snack stands: everybody comes to eat there, from homeless till Bill Clinton. “Best in town” makes an attempt to uncover the secret of the 70 year old stand.

10 min


In character-Aaike Stuart & Boris van Hoof


When does the documentary become a feature film? “In Character”  shows a man, who looks for his own role in the scrips of the daily life. Shot in Berlin, Rotterdam and Bratislava.

23 min


The making of the Making of  Chinese boekje-Max Maas


The cult film director Sandal Feluchi is working on the new project “Chinese booklet”. His project is followed by Marco Haasbroek, in order to make “the making of” story. As the story evolves, the viewer realizes that the lead actor has no clue about the idea of the film and Marco gets mystified by Sandal’s mother.

20 min


25-01-2009 -  Jan Landsaat

Programme 27-28 january


The Lost Days of Claire Oscure-Charlotte van Otterloo

Story of a writer who desperately tries to put her story on paper. The days pass by while she finds herself drowning in the sinking sand of snipped thoughts.

10 min


Untitled-Jeff Metz

A short animation about a patient who gets a “cheering” machine from his therapist. It has to be connected to his pigeon.

4 min


The Land of Milk-Hannek Braams

Documentary about the refugees from different countries telling about their experiences in Netherlands. In the meantime they are converting their stories into the embroidery pattern.

10 min


25-01-2009 -  Jan Landsaat

Programme 24-25 january 

90° N.L.- Janneke Ursem 

The Russian astronaut, looking out of Soyuz spaceship thinks back to the hard and dangerous Northpole expeditions. He is anxious about his own journey and the trials that await him. Based on etchings, photos and maps.
5 min

  Cubicle- Laurens “t Jong

A castle in the form of a cubicle is floating through the space. A lonely man, who lives in the castle, is being challenged by the elements. At some point he is about to give up, but then he realizes that he is not alone.
5 min 

Archetypedrone-Jesse Franzen

A digitalized 16 mm film, that offers the viewer to choose his own role.
5 min 

Selection of short films-Corrine Bot

Corrine Bot is an emerging video artist and a producer of video clips for experimental, minimal, industrial, house and other (electronic) music projects.
Openingstijden:Tue-Sun 13:00-18:00Free entry 

13-01-2009 -  Jan Landsaat

Programme 22 – 23 januari:  


Galo de Barcelos – Daniel Oliveira Prins

Short animation, based on the legend, which took place in a small town Barcelos. A pilgrim, on his crusade to Santago de Compostella, is valsely accused in a theft. A miracle helps him to survive.

5 min   


July – Maarten Witte & Annebelle van Zweden (harde K)

A colourful animation clip voor the song “July”.

3 min    


Mathilde Willink Superpoes-Jasmina Fekovic en Eddie van der Velden

Mathilde Willink was the notorious and extravagant wife of the famous realistic Dutch painter Carel  Willink. October 25th 1977 Mathilde Willink was found in her Amsterdam apartment, with a bullet in her head. Did she commit suicide or was she killed by the drugs-mafia? Up till now her death remains a mystery. With the colourful interviews with Fong Leng, Anton Heyboer, Imca Marina.

53 min  


Kadaver-Michiel vd Berg

The truth about death and the confrontation with it.An exhausted elephant in search for the answers on the question emerging out of the gut feeling. Does the elephant cemetery really exist?

5 min  


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Tuesday-Sunday 13:00-20:00

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06-01-2009 -  Jan Landsaat

Closing party on January 8th, 2009

Optreden:  One Man Nation