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25-04-2009 -  Jan Landsaat

Wegens vakantie is de galerie gesloten tot en met 5 mei. Wij heten u vanaf woensdag 6 mei weer van harte welkom…


Xenia en Karen

14-04-2009 -  Jan Landsaat


Op donderdag 16 april 2008, om 18.00 uur, organiseert BLAAK10 aan de Witte de Withstraat 7a een kunstenaarsgesprek met Rick Vermeulen. Zijn werken staat centraal in een tentoonstelling die tot zondag 10 mei in BLAAK10 te zien is.
Willem Kars, mede-oprichter van het collectief ‘ Hard Werken’ en goede vriend van Vermeulen, treedt als gasthost op tijdens het gesprek waarin zijn ingaan op de achtergronden van de werken van Vermeulen.

Tevens is er de gelegenheid om vragen te stellen aan deze sympathieke vormgever.

Gratis entree

Bier, wijn en fris 1,-

Tot dan!


Xenia en Karen

07-04-2009 -  Jan Landsaat

Film keuze Rick Vermeulen  

donderdag 9 april om 19.00 uur  

Beautiful Dreamer: Brian Wilson and the Story of Smile,as well as an exclusive performance of Smile in its entirety.   

After years of reading books, magazines, listening to bootlegs, compiling my own mixes on cassette, watching made-for-TV scripted films as well as documentaries, which I switched off after the SMiLE section, there’s finally an entire film about the one album. Thank God. Now, for all of us who obsess, this is the perfect documentary: rare photos, film footage, modern-day interviews, behind the scenes rehearsals for the recording sessions and the tour, it’s all there. It’s everything you wanted to know about SMiLE and then some. No longer merely touched upon for its 5 to 10 minutes in the grand scheme of things, SMiLE is out there. I think now Brian Wilson can not only retire in extreme wealth, but also at peace. His dream has finally been realized and the cameras let us watch it all unfold.For close to four decades, Smile by the Beach Boys was perhaps the most famous unreleased album in the history of rock & roll. Brian Wilson, the group’s principal songwriter, arranger, producer, and vocalist, had already turned pop music on its ear in 1966 with Pet Sounds, an ambitious concept album that reflected a new degree of maturity and musical sophistication for both the Beach Boys and rock in general. The following year, Wilson intended to release an even more imaginative album called Smile, which Wilson’s collaborators believed had the makings of a masterpiece. However, it was an album the emotionally fragile Wilson would not complete thanks to battles with his record company, conflicts with other members of the Beach Boys, and the impact of Wilson’s struggles with drugs and depression. However, in 2003 a revitalized Wilson, after performing a symphonic version of Pet Sounds on a well-received concert tour, decided to return to the Smile material, and presented the fabled song cycle in its complete form for the first time in a concert in London in early 2004. Beautiful Dreamer: Brian Wilson and the Story of ‘Smile’ is a documentary which tells the story of Brian Wilson’s life in music and the long and difficult journey of his masterpiece. In addition to extensive interviews with Brian Wilson and his collaborators,Beautiful Dreamer also features contributions from Elvis Costello, Burt Bacharach, Paul McCartney, Roger Daltrey, and many more. 
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