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20-01-2012 -  Paalvast, J.H.W.

This show at BLAAK10 will celebrate the work of the Echo Park film Center from Los Angeles and their filmmobile bus, and will create a documentation of the center’s work over the last 10 years, showing Super 8mm films and video created by the group during that period.

Within the period of the show BLAAK10 will host a 3 day workshop created by Echo PArk organisers Paolo Davanzo and  Lisa Marr with students from the WdKA and following the principles of Echo Park workshops.

Tuesday January 31, 14: 00-16: 00 hrs CITY SYMPHONY WORKSHOP
To start and celebrate the 4 months residence of Echo Park Film Center in Rotterdam we are asking the community to work together, so they can create their own City Symphony. On Tuesday we will show examples and we will discuss the City Symphony genre. And on Thursday the participants will share their the images and sounds which they have found.
We ask you to come with a recording device of any kind. This can be a smartphone, microphone, video camera; actually everything you can think of to catch the feeling of the city.

Wednesday February 1, 14: 00-16: 00 hrs DIRECT ANIMATION
Create a film without the use of a camera. The only thing you need is passion and curiosity to make something out of nothing.

Thursday 2 February, 14: 00-16: 00 hrs
During the day participants can prepare the outcome of the workshops.

Thursday 2 February, 17: 00-21: 30 OPEN SCREEN
Visitors may join us at the BLAAK10 Gallery & Store for an evening of cinematic wonders. We will show “The Best of Echo Park Film Center”, singing songs, play BINGO games and of course show all the results of our 48-hour City Symphony marathon.

In addition we will create a ‘basement cinema’ and invite several Rotterdam-based no budget filmmaking initiatives to create show evenings.  Indeed in the words of the Echo Park team:   “lets create a  ”representational” exhibit of the Echo Park traveling road show and itinerant cinema that we take all over the world. Incorporating live screening with music, spoken word, pot-lucks…..really a place for people to hang out and spend time – as an antithesis to the formality of IFFR.”

14:00 Films:
Karel Doing: Images of a moving city, 37 min.
SpOp/Marit Shalem: De Eeuwige Optie, 23 min.
Genja Ferschtman: White Elephant, 7 min.
Demetri Estdelacropolis: Blind Girl in Kitchen, 14 min.
SpOp/Marit Shalem: Phlegm, 10 min.
Echo Park Film Center: The Sound We See, 37 min.

16:30 Open roundtable with the filmmakers & public.