Creative Now!

Wednesday 27 June 2012 at 15:21.

14 prototypes for creative industry factories

Creative Industries Fair

June 30th 12-7pm at WORM, Rotterdam.

Join us for a one-day show at WORM Rotterdam. 14 Media Design & Communication MA students from Piet Zwart Institute present 14 experimental factories for the new »Creative Industries«. Meet and talk with the artists, and earn your drinks in the factories.
The creative industries are among the fast growing sectors of the Dutch economy. Aside from the creation of form, meaning or symbolic value, the core activities in this top sector concern the way in which these very activities are being designed – the creative innovation process. This top sector revolves around companies that are founded upon creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.The Media Design Masters program of the Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academie Hogeschool Rotterdam presents 14 prototypes of factories for the production of film, images, social networks and design, providing inspiration and investment opportunities for all visitors.

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