Thursday 20 December 2012 at 13:15.

Roodkapje, Meent 121 – 133, Rotterdam

10.01.2013 – 11.01-2013
Presentations & Opening exhibition > 10 januari 16.00 uur
Exhibition > 11 january 10.00 – 16.00 our

About Unravel The Code
Six graphic design and four fashion students from the Willem de Kooning Academy have worked the last couple of months together in duos, exploring, examining and conducting hands-on research. Throughout the duration of the project a recurring exchange with students of Smart Textiles from the MICA in Baltimore took place by way of arranged virtual meetings.

The overall questions around which the course revolve were:
Is there such a thing as an “information identity” and what are it’s consequences? How can we make the information flow that is encircling our bodies visible?
And can we change behaviour by doing so?
These questions formed a starting point for the Unravel the Code participants to ponder, critically examine and ultimately design prototypes or products for.

On 10 january at 18.00 uur the students will give a presentation of their work. Within their presentations they will give a unique insight in their ideas and design process.
Next to that the final outcomes of the course can be viewed and experienced in the exhibition till 11 january.

We live in an era of extreme and intensive information exchange.
Both as broadcasters (Facebook, Twitter etc) and receivers. We’re participators, caught up in the vortex of information glut. This affects our daily habits, our physical appearance (for example various body postures are new, and caused by hunching over our phones, or staring at screens); our psychological state – attention spans are dwindling; the way we relate to (or disconnect from) our immediate physical surroundings.

Information flows – such as mean tweets, prosaic text messages, harsh comments, public transport cards tracking your movements, private emails and many many more – are humming closely around our bodies. Invisible to the naked eye, yet forming part of our “information identity”.
For centuries, our bodies and the way we adorn them, have been a bearer of signs and signifiers, giving clues as to what culture you’re from, what class you belong to, what era you lived in, what music you like etc. What is still relatively new is that our bodies can now also be seen as interfaces that are carrying, processing and even generating information. This has a powerful impact, affecting our behaviour and our relationship with our environment.
The students investigated this notion of “information identity” through the fields of Digital Craft, Dynamic Design and The New Aesthetic.
Come and see how these upcoming talented designers respond to these themes as described above.
No admission fee
Students MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) – Baltimore, USA:
Sasha de Koninck, Kurina Sohn, Ricky Blake, Julia Golonka, Kamie Robinson, Tong Su, Amy Lee Walton, Veronica Casado Hernandez, Hyejin Kim, Mihaela Savu
Students Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam
Tess Semin, Frans van Ditzhuyzen, Florian Verhagen, Thijs Keesenberg, Britt Hoogenboom, Tijn de Kok
Puck Gall, Simone van Tongeren, Maud van Beek, Faye van Eindhoven

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