CrossLab Team

Aldje van Meer

coordinator CrossLab
Aldje van Meer is a crossmedia designer. Since her graduation in 1999 at Media-GN (MA) she has been working as a designer. Next to her independent practice she worked with the 9nerds, Airplant (Rogério Lira & Gabriëlle Marks) and others. Beside her work for clients like TNT-Post and “het Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten”, she co-developed and exhibited the interactive installation R.E.A.L.sound From december 2005 till oct. 2006 she worked as a projectleader for AKV/St. Joost academy in Breda where she set up a new studyprogramme; Interaction Design.

Currently she is working as a teacher and education reseacher/developer in the field of innovative and interactive media and setting up Crosslab at the Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam.

+31 (0)10 7944485

present on mo/tu/wedn/thurs – 1.7D or 2e inbreiding

Deanna Herst

Deanna Herst is a curator, producer, critic and lecturer. Graduated as an art historian (MA, Utrecht University), she specialized incontemporary art, photography/media theory and semiotics.As a curator and concept developer in the field media art and photography, she has been working for several organizations like Paradox, Impakt Festival, NFI and NAI.She has been lecturing media theory at Sint Joost Academy, Post-St.Joost/Sandberg Institute, Utrecht University (Digital Media and Representation),University of Amsterdam (New Media), Hochschule für Kunst und Gestaltung Zürich.Her current interests include emerging new media art practices in South East Asia, especially Indonesia.Since 2006 she has been teaching at the Willem de Kooning Academy, currently as Course Director Theory & Media.

Bram van Waardenberg

Bram van Waardenberg is an artist. He graduated in astronomy at the University of Leiden and graduated in painting and graphics in Rotterdam at the former WDKA. He teaches also in Leiden at a school for ICT – informatics: creative and media programming. He makes computergames, his latest game is for the Iphone, he experiments with small robots and makes big drawings with the smallest pencil in the world. See, where also links to several blogs can be found.I am present at the WDKA thursdays and tuesdays, teaching “Keuzemodules”, like MultiTouch and Smart Textiles (Lieve sensoren or Charmed technology), RFID and ARDUINO things. Writing lots of DIY bits and pieces on the blog.

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present on monday/thursday – 2.3 or 2e inbreiding

Brigit Lichtenegger

After studying industrial design and theatre design, Brigit Lichtenegger started working as a software engineer in 1995. In 2001 she started working at the media lab of V2_, institute for the Unstable Media. For 5 years Brigit worked there on a number of international collaborative art and research projects concerning interconnected multi-user environments, data visualization, non-linear story telling and virtual reality. In 2006 and 2007 she worked at the research department of Almende on projects concerning self-organization, artificial intelligence and wireless sensor networks. Around the same time she got involved with the virtual world Second Life, and started exploring the potential of the platform.  In 2008 she left Almende and founded Creative Machinery, to be able to do the machinimatography for the featurelength movie “Fly me / Volavola”. More info at and http://www.evolutie.orgBrigit is, among other things, taking care of the crosslab workplace (2e inbreiding) and available for any questions on tuesdays and wednesdays.

+31 (0)10 2414613

present on tuesday/wednesday – 2.3 or 2e inbreiding