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06-05-2013 -  Brigit

Dutch and EU students can apply up to the first of june!
More information on the website of the Piet Zwart Institute:

20-12-2012 -  Aldje

Roodkapje, Meent 121 – 133, Rotterdam

10.01.2013 – 11.01-2013
Presentations & Opening exhibition > 10 januari 16.00 uur
Exhibition > 11 january 10.00 – 16.00 our

About Unravel The Code
Six graphic design and four fashion students from the Willem de Kooning Academy have worked the last couple of months together in duos, exploring, examining and conducting hands-on research. Throughout the duration of the project a recurring exchange with students of Smart Textiles from the MICA in Baltimore took place by way of arranged virtual meetings.

The overall questions around which the course revolve were:
Is there such a thing as an “information identity” and what are it’s consequences? How can we make the information flow that is encircling our bodies visible?
And can we change behaviour by doing so?
These questions formed a starting point for the Unravel the Code participants to ponder, critically examine and ultimately design prototypes or products for.

On 10 january at 18.00 uur the students will give a presentation of their work. Within their presentations they will give a unique insight in their ideas and design process.
Next to that the final outcomes of the course can be viewed and experienced in the exhibition till 11 january.


20-12-2012 -  Brigit

11 January 2013 08:00pm

Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) is a series of one-night-exhibitions hosting artists and their projectors.

Media platforms Telesync, V2_ and CrossLab are hosting BYOB Rotterdam 2013 the 11th of January at Roodkapje Event Space. For the first time this worldwide phenomenon is coming to Rotterdam. BYOB creates an opportunity for media artists to showcase their work. Participation is open for anyone interested. An empty space, one single night and talented designers, programmers and video makers, are the ingredients for this special event. The mix of low budget, open platform and improvisation creates an unique atmosphere characteristic for BYOB events.

Entrance is free!


02-07-2012 -  Aldje

Hereby we proudly present our first EPUB of the CrossLab event; Dynamic Design. This EPUB is established by, CrossLab, Willem de Kooning Academiy and the knowledge centre; Creating 010.

Since november 2010, CrossLab has been organizing a series of events about ’state of the art’ developments in media technology and design, discussed by professionals within the field of art and design. Previous events include: Transmedia Stories, Digital Craft and Dutch Digital Design.

About this EPUB
This EPUB consists of four lectures by Jeroen van Erp (Fabrique), Alper Çuğun (Monsterswell), Irene van Peer (Pig Chase), Tom de Bruyne and Astrid Groenewegen (Sue Amsterdam). All lectures have been tagged according to five keywords: behaviour; experience; process; data aesthetics and storytelling. This arrangement allows a non linear and thematic reading of the event.
The keywords reflect the main topics of all four lectures, representing Dynamic Design. The keywords can be used to navigate through snippets of all lectures. Each snippet offers a link to the complete lecture, including bios and slides of the speakers.

Read more and download epub

27-06-2012 -  Brigit

5 july 2012 - 20:00 to 23:00

location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

Featuring: Joseph Popper (Royal College of Art, London) | Tomas Navarro (Piet Zwart institute, Rotterdam) | Marcel van Heist (Eindhoven University of Technology) | Shing Tat Chung (Royal College of Art, London) | Marcel de Vries (Frank Mohr institute) | Performance: Matthijs Munnik (Royal Academy of Art, The Hague)


27-06-2012 -  Brigit

14 prototypes for creative industry factories

Creative Industries Fair

June 30th 12-7pm at WORM, Rotterdam.

Join us for a one-day show at WORM Rotterdam. 14 Media Design & Communication MA students from Piet Zwart Institute present 14 experimental factories for the new »Creative Industries«. Meet and talk with the artists, and earn your drinks in the factories.
The creative industries are among the fast growing sectors of the Dutch economy. Aside from the creation of form, meaning or symbolic value, the core activities in this top sector concern the way in which these very activities are being designed – the creative innovation process. This top sector revolves around companies that are founded upon creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.The Media Design Masters program of the Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academie Hogeschool Rotterdam presents 14 prototypes of factories for the production of film, images, social networks and design, providing inspiration and investment opportunities for all visitors.

27-06-2012 -  Brigit

Dates: July 7 – August 19, 2012
Opening: Friday July 6, 19.00 hrs

Locations: TENTWORM and V2


08-05-2012 -  Brigit

Festival: 16 mei – 20 mei Rotterdam / Amsterdam
Expositie: 17 mei – 3 juni Rotterdam

08-05-2012 -  Brigit


08-05-2012 -  Brigit