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11-05-2013 -  Brigit

Here is the video compilation of the event Expanded Aesthetics of 25 March 2013.

Introduction by Michelle Kasprzak


10-03-2013 -  Aldje

Monday, March 25, 2013
De Unie, Mauritsweg 34-35, Rotterdam
Doors open 19:45 hrs., starts 20:00 hrs.
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“We are looking more and more at the world through the eyes of a machine. We see like machines can see”. James Bridle

Currently, we are witnessing an expansion of computer aesthetics into the physical environment. Screen and physical world are merging into a hybrid kind of reality through a shared digital language of glitches, pixels or hyperrealism.
James Bridle refers to this way of seeing as the New Aesthetic: it is not what we are looking at but how we are taught to look by technology. How does this affect our relation to the world? And is this really a new phenomenon? ‘Expanded Aesthetics’ focuses on the way artists and designers both contribute to and question this universe remix and how  they “code our perception”.
Guests are Sander Veenhof, known for, among others, his augmented reality guerrilla exhibition at the MOMA, NY, fashion designer Jacob Kok, presenting “digital couture” and Geoff Lillemont of Champagne Valentine, exploiting digital aesthetics in advertising, fashion, art and interaction. Moderator is Michelle Kasprzak, curator V2_Institute for the Unstable Media and editor of the book “New Aesthetics. New Anxieties” (2012).

Sander Veenhof

Geoff Lillemont | Champagne Valentine

Jacob Kok

Michelle Kasprzak