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26-04-2013 -  Aldje

“I lost 50 dollars in a Bitcoin crash but I am still a believer” (via CNN)

Monday, May 13th, 2013
De Unie, Mauritsweg 34-35, Rotterdam
Doors open 19:45, starts 20:00


In times of crisis and the failure of traditional economical systems we can witness an emergence of alternative economies and monetary systems.
No more euros as currency but an exchange of time, values, services, knowledge or products instead.
Examples include Bitcoin, the virtual system and Timebanks, that propose time as currency.
How does these “new” currencies work? And do these initiatives really represent alternatives for “old money”?

“New Currencies? (I lost 50 dollars in a Bitcoin crash but I am still a believer)” is an evening about the design of “new” value systems.
Central questions include: is sharing the new owning, is trust the new currency? And if so, could networked media meet these promises, as a framework for virtual and DIY currencies?

Jaromil, DYNDY
Rob van Hilten, Qoin
Joeri Oudshoorn, Time bank, Stroom Den Haag
Florian Cramer, Program director Creating 010, Hogeschool Rotterdam
Justien Marseille, senior lecturer Creating 010, Hogeschool Rotterdam
Roel Roscam Abbing, MA student Piet Zwart Institute

Hajo Doorn, Worm

Students (studentenpas meenemen) €3,50
Employees WdKA  €6,50
Regular €9,00
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