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10-04-2013 -  0850665

The floors at Schiphol are grey, clean and it functions as it should.
To move people from A to B, without any obstacles. It’s like a mindless area because of the emptiness.
I would like to interrupt this daily flow by highlighting the borders within Schiphol, that are not marked
or known as borders. To confront the people and make them aware about borders that are not visible
but there. Borders are everywhere.

Providing different messages on the floor:


10-04-2013 -  wuasa

* How do the graphic elements in the design carry meaning and cause experience?

* How does your chosen subject relate to the bigger context?

* What is your goal, question and subquestion?

* How have you collected data as a form of research and developed it into a vision and concept/project?

* How does it communicate?

09-04-2013 -  wuasa

Sarah Ross, Archisuits, 2008

Sarah Ross, Archisuits, 2008

Florian Rivière, Don't pay, play!, 2011

Book review from

“Unpleasant Design dresses the portraits of bullying urban furniture, looks at the specific strategies behind its design, comments on the use and control of public and semi-public spaces. After having had the book in your sandpapered hands, you won’t look at your city with the same eyes, i’m sure.

The book documents and casts a critical eye on design motivated by policies of exclusion but, and that’s what makes the book such an inspiring lecture, it also looks at how individuals, artists, activists are responding to urban unpleasantness.

Authors Gordan Savicic and Selena Savic have spent over a year researching forms of social unpleasantness, taking photos wherever they went, writing down ideas and talking with people who are also denouncing and resisting unpleasant design. The resulting essays and interviews are enclosed in the book. Among my favourite are:Survival Group’s photos and comments about Anti-Sites (the spaces designed to prevent homeless people or simply weary passersby to sit down and have a rest), Vladan Jeremic’s look at the hidden politics of garbage removal in Belgrade, an interview with the insightful and witty urban hacktivist Florian Rivière, a discussion with ‘neo-nomad’ Yasmine Abbas, another one with Dan Lockton of Design with Intent, the interview with Gilles Paté, the ‘fakir‘ of urban spaces, etc. Add to that, plenty of case studies, examples of artistic devices and ideas that create and fight unpleasant design but also the outcome of a competition about unpleasant design.”

06-04-2013 -  Tash Berting

Three sets of designed prototypes… Still working on all the details.

1. Help Me I’m At The Airport

2. Help Me I’m At The Airport (more masculine design, more graphic)

3. Airport Sickness Pills (more classic, minimal, focus on information)

06-04-2013 -  Tash Berting

First design ideas for the pill boxes:

Main intention is to create 4 different pill boxes with one overarching design.
Each box will have a different pill that counters specific emotions that arise in different areas of Schiphol airport.

03-04-2013 -  wuasa

Dutch 'coziness'. Maartje and Dylan

Abandoned Belgium village Doel in reference to Dutch Village, Rijk that was demolished for the construction of Schiphol. Thibault

more history:

Guerilla gardening contraptions. Tristian

Paper bag stencil graffiti. Tristian