Week 23: Viral

Wednesday 5 June 2013 at 11:26.

* Politics and marketing alike, both benefit from the nature of viral- to spread an idea, sell an idea quickly. The Century of Self is a documentary by Adam Curtis that explores the idea of how the public relations of mass consumption was engineered based on strategies of propaganda.
* Collective and Connective action.
* Self organizing vs. organizationally arranged networks.
* What is viral marketing? campaign? How does it relate to meme’s. What are the do’s and don’ts? e.g. Eight things killing the Harlem Shake

Exercise in class.
Today we will exam viral strategies.
1) Read text about viral marketing –> Groep02_Viral Marketing
2) Either:
A) Trace the origins of peoples tactics/memes (mash-ups, remixes, copies, etc. ) and how it gets taken by corporate strategy.
B) Trace how people have taken corporate strategies and applied their tactics (mash-ups, remixes, copies, etc. ) to appropriate/subvert its content and message.
3) Give short presentation on findings.
4) Post results onto design research blog.

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