Sunday 27 April 2014 at 15:45.
    WDKA Design Research 2014
    As design students we are very much influenced by the school we are going to. Assignments, teachers, workshops and the overall work mentality shape our work and the designers we are becoming. Within the Design Research Assignment Digital Publishing we decided to have a closer look and research Art Schools tendencies towards digital or analogue working.By looking at different Art Schools all over the globe we discovered significant differences. For each school we analyzed the digital representation (web identity, displayed work of students, etc.) and the analogue reality.

    For the final outcome we decided to make use of the concept of the Anonymous Press, which generates booklets with images found on the web and displays them in a library inspired layout. We take on the idea that the booklet on the website displays a summary of the schools on the web, “the digital face”. By allowing print on demand, we give ourselves the opportunity to change the content of the book and print “the analogue face” of the Art Schools.

    Obviously the digital and analogue booklet will show differences, which one sees if the booklet gets printed. By showing those two layers with different content we want to show how in some cases the digital presentation and analogue reality are completely disconnected.

    To see our end result:
    Group: Shirin, Sarah, Marielle and Sean.

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