Craft was the inspiration for the design studio and project on two fronts. First, historical examples of craft were researched and analyzed, particularly Dutch crafts, as a source of inspiration. Secondly, the principles of the crafts investigated formed the strategy for the development of the individual projects. The studio was programmed into four categories: historical reference, fabrication techniques, materials, and application.

Students worked in teams and became experts in specific techniques such as cutting/folding, knitting/weaving, molding, and cutting/scoring. They spent extensive periods of time in rigorous, unadulterated experimentation mode – exploring materials, their behavior, techniques and applications. This process informed the design parameters for the development of the investigations and full-scale projects.

Throughout, students studied current and historical case studies related to craft, exhibition and furniture design, installation art, as well as other contemporary forms. The final phase of the studio focused on an application for their fabrication and material systems. All of the project applications revolve around the concept of a garden and based on their specific system, students choose either interior or exterior applications.

Studio Instructors:

Alex Suarez, Course Director
Brian Peters, Instructor

Master of Interior Architecture & Retail Design (MIARD)