Team 2 – UNDERCOVER (Knitting/Weaving)

Angelique Etman (Netherlands)
Marie Gade-Lundlie (Norway)

Undercover is a flexible cocoon-like furniture unit for urban domestic gardens, and the technique of crocheting was researched and explored as a means of fabrication.

The project is inspired by how people cover themselves with hats, veils, hoods, umbrellas, sunglasses, etc. to gain privacy and/or to seek shelter from the elements. Undercover’s cocoon-like design can be adjusted in several ways, allowing the user to play with levels of privacy and enclosure. The unit’s suspended installation allows it to be placed in various urban conditions, protecting users from exterior weather elements.

During the initial research, traditional fabric-structure techniques such as knitting, weaving, crocheting and braiding were explored. The research question became, how can traditional two-dimensional fabrics become a three-dimensional applied object? Subsequently, experiments were carried out with a variety of techniques and materials, paired with fabric hardeners, to achieve three-dimensional environments.

The research ultimately led to the fabrication of Undercover, which uses a crochet of exaggerated “threads” of foam wrapped in cotton fabric. The exterior of the crocheted object is hardened, becoming the structural outer shell that provides support to the softer interior layers. The design is a mix of hard and soft surfaces, and fixed and flexible structures that challenges the traditional use of crochet while providing a novel addition to urban domestic gardens.