Team 4 – BLINDFOLDED (Cutting/Scoring)

Anette Backe (Norway)
Dominika Dyminska (Poland)

Blindfolded is a wooden, layered structure that functions as a partition wall or window blind. The visually playful system provides various optical experiences while acting as a barrier to wind, sun and/or rain, depending on its position.

The design inspiration of Blindfolded is based on an accordion structure. Therefore it is inherently flexible, stretching and compressing to work as a vertical blind or partition wall, while easily fitting into various sized spaces.

The system’s layers are connected through slip-cuts, which allow individual pieces to slide in and out. The modularity of the system enables the user to adjust the amount of wind, daylight or rain that seeps through. When used as a sunshade, the filtered light creates ephemeral patterns that move through a space. Individual layers can also be added or removed, further customising the modular sliding system.

The product is made from Okoume veneer sheets that are adhered to both sides of a durable nylon fabric. The gap between the veneer layers enables the structure to be folded by pulling a simple string up or down. The veneers are stained with a dark varnish and coated with a waterproof lacquer that makes the product suitable for outdoor use. The design can be installed on balconies or patios and it can also serve as a space divider.