International Conference 2011

International Conference 2011

International Conference on the internationalisation of art education
March 14-15, 2011

In the past decade, international networking in art education was mostly focused on student mobility. With the globalisation of art and design and international research trajectories there now is an increased demand for new networks and joint ventures of art academies across national borders. During this two-day conference, experts and executives from the world of international art education will meet to develop and share their visions on an internationalised art education beyond conventional exchange programmes.

The Internationalisation of Art Education Conference focuses on the following topics:

  • the Bachelor/Master structure, which was interpreted differently in many countries (with extreme differences even within the EU);
  • artistic Ph.D programmes, often in cooperation of institutes operating at different levels (art academies and universities) and across different countries;
  • the increasing importance of new media in the education and practice of artists and designers, and the internationalisation of their professional field through the Internet;
  • the increasing cultural diversity of students at academies;
  • the pressure on institutes to develop more individual profiles, including challenging and competitive international policies;

To participate, a fee of € 100 is requested (includes two-day conference, drinks and lunch). To registrate, please  fill out the Application Form before March 4 2011. You will receive a confirmation email.