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Getting around in Rotterdam
The most popular way to get around Rotterdam is by bike, in (the) true Dutch fashion. You can rent a bike by the day or by the week and transport yourself throughout the city easily. Be aware of the trams and other cars. Generally Rotterdam is a bike-friendly city.

If you choose to use public transportation, there are three options: bus, tram and metro (subway). Taking the bus is the least desirable option because there aren’t many bus stops to choose from within the city. However, buses do go long distances, and taking the bus is an excellent way to get far into Rotterdam’s suburbs and neighbouring cities and towns.

If you choose to take the metro, you’ll have a train arriving soon. They arrive and depart every four minutes in the city during the day and every 15-30 minutes at night.

Traveling by tram is generally the most popular option for getting around Rotterdam. The fares are relatively inexpensive and tram stations are located throughout the city and can take you from point A to point B with a minimum of fuss and trouble.

Traveling by taxi is not recommended in Rotterdam, though another option that is popular is traveling by water. There are a number of ferries that make good use of the waterways around Rotterdam and that is another scenic way of getting where you need to go.

Map of Rotterdam